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They shop a lot - When you see escorts in a very sexy dress then don’t forget to appreciate their clothing sense because they have spent hours to find that little cute dress, just to ensure that you are liking them. Goa escorts are really good in finding the right clothes and for that they spend hours in shopping malls. So, when these escort girls are not working, you can expect to see them in shopping malls with big bags filled with lots of clothing items.They relax and sleep - If you have hired an escort before, then you might know that these escort girls have a hectic schedule and they have to really work hard to satisfy their clients. So, whenever they are getting time off from their work, they are mostly sleeping to get rest or they are in spas to get some relaxation. Relaxation is really necessary for them otherwise this job will affect their health a lot.

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So, these are some of the activities these escort girls do when they get free time. Since we all know that being an escort in Goa is not something that every women can do and being really good at this job required utmost dedication and hard work. So, whenever these escorts get some time for themselves, they take care of their body and make sure that they are getting enough sleep to recover from fatigue.